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Focused. Integrated. Applicable.

Although some of our classes may qualify you to apply for a concealed weapon/firearm permit, it is intended to be much more than the standard,  sit in your chair program. 

  • If you have no experience with firearms, then this class is for you.

  • If you already have a permit to carry a concealed weapon and want to learn how to carry and shoot correctly, then this class is for you.

  • If you’ve been carrying for awhile and want to improve your skills, then this is for you as well.

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What We Provide


Learners of all kinds come to our classes, people with no experience, little experience or a history of handling weapons; however, have never received any professional training and want to get better.

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If you don't want to work in a group, please contact us and schedule a time to do some one on one training.

We also do customized training for families, work outings or team building.

Can’t find the program you’re looking for?

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Simply going to the range periodically and shooting a few rounds statically at a paper target is not lifesaving training. 

You need to practice all the skills at a lifesaving pace and conduct repetitious “what if” scenarios in your mind to mentally prepare for an encounter. 

Stop going to the range and wasting ammunition, come learn the proper shooting techniques/skills and make the time at the range much more enjoyable instead frustrating.

Are you going to become the best golfer ever after attending a few golf lessons?   No, however, with the proper practice you will improve immensely and be a much more competitive golfer.   The same holds true for shooting skills, after receiving instruction, it will be necessary for you to practice, practice, practice. 

If a use of lethal force encounter lasts 3 to 5 seconds, how much would you give to shave one second off your draw stroke and deployment of the firearm.   The one second might just be the difference between your life or death. 

Training more than your opponent will make a difference.

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