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My family took the 12 hour course (6 hours on two different Sundays) and it was by far the coolest thing I've ever been a part of. I have never held a gun before taking this class and now I feel super confident in every aspect of owning and operating a handgun safely. Even if you have no plans to purchase a gun, taking this class is so beneficial in learning different ways to defend yourself using whatever you can. Rick Niles takes you through MANY real-life scenarios and shows you how to defend yourself and survive. Like Rick said during the class, "There is a one in a million chance you will encounter someone that wants to harm you, but in that one in a million chance, do you want to know how to survive?" I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone!

Ashley P.

Our family just completed the 12 hour training. Most of us had never even held a gun before! The training took us through many real life scenarios and was very hands on. I highly recommend this class. Thanks, Rick!!

Kathy V.

I highly recommend this training! It is extremely insightful...covering a wide range of topics and drills to effectively improve gun safety knowledge. I took this class having no previous experience and some apprehension. After completing this course, I am much more informed, aware, and confident. Rick does an awesome job of educating and demonstrating critical elements of being a responsible gun owner. WELL DONE, Rick!!!

Tracie F.

I went into this class with zero knowledge about guns. I left knowing how to handle and use a gun in a safe and responsible manner as well as all the laws and regulations. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in a conceal carry permit. I can confidently say I am ready to go to a range to practice my skills and will be prepared if I am ever in a dangerous situation. Thanks Rick, I had a lot of fun learning (and beating my dad in all the competitions)!


I highly recommend this class for anybody. Rick makes it enjoyable and I learned a lot. Appreciate it!

Tyler V.

Rick was very thorough and he was patient with all of us women even though we had very little knowledge of guns and self-defense.

Cindy M.

I don't write reviews at all but felt the need to for this.  Wow what a class and what an instructor!! Rick Niles did an awesome job on the 2 day class of Concealed Carry - Fundamentals and Home Defense class.  Having just a hunting background with shotguns and bows I didn't know what to expect.  Rick was an excellent instructor, great communicator and very very approachable with any questions or comments.  Honestly this is a "must attend" class if you want to learn about handguns, how to safely carry, use and defend yourself with a handgun.  Rick's equipment for the class is top notch with real-life scenarios actually played out in the classroom.  Overall this class was well beyond my expectations!! If you are new to the world of handguns (like I am) or want to build on your knowledge I couldn't imagine a better instructor or class to take!!

Mike Feuerbach

Recently I attended the Survive the Encounter class with instructor Richard Niles.  I found it to be very informative.  Rick taught us a lot of handgun safety and handgun techniques along with many scenarios for home defense.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to improve their handgun skills.  

Bruce F.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to conceal carry. There is a lot of hands on training in many different scenarios. Rick Niles is very knowledgeable on all aspects of conceal carry, with his expertise you will leave this class with the confidence to know the laws and protect yourself and family in any situation.

Dan N.

Impressive! You will not come away from this class disappointed! Rick Niles is a great instructor. This class takes a hands-on approach that will give you the necessary skills to defend yourself and your home. You will learn the legal ramifications of carrying a gun. You will be given the equipment to practice how to quick draw your concealed gun when seconds matter. Rick did a great job of teaching and leading us through real life scenarios of how to protect yourself and your family. This is not just a power point presentation class to get your license to carry. It is so much more! I have taken the $50 class. This class teaches you the skills of how to walk away from an encounter and not end up in jail or not being able to walk away at all. It is simple…do you just want a piece of paper…or do you want to survive the encounter! 

Jeff Bald

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